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Why CNK?

Why choose us?

Safety and Comfort

At our training center, the safety and comfort of our students are paramount.

Reduced Accident Risk

Utilizing simulators before real machinery significantly decreases risk of accidents during training

Accelerated Learning

Our training approach, incorporating VR simulators, ensures rapid knowledge acquisition.

Individual Proficiency Assessment

We offer personalized assessments to gauge individual aptitude for specific professions.

Specialized Training in ASC and RC Equipment

Our training programs cover in-depth knowledge and skills related to ASC and RC equipment.

Tailored Scenarios and Conditions

In our simulators we modeled unique scenarios and adjustable weather and sea conditions, ensuring a comprehensive learning journey.
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Employment Opportunities

We are recruiting on a continuous basis for the following positions: tower crane operators, RTG crane operators, stowage trimmers, hook operators, mooring operators, forklift operators, mobile platform operators, crane operators, and more. Feel free to send us your CV, and we will reach out to selected candidates.

Corporate Clients

If you are a maritime training center, fleet or port operator, get in touch to upgrade your training capabilities with our cutting-edge immersive VR simulators.
Locally, at our training center we offer specialized training for employees, conduct skills assessments, and customize training plans to meet your business needs. Whether it's individualized training or group sessions, we tailor our services to your requirements.

Individual Clients

Individuals are welcome to explore our wide range of courses and training programs at CNK. We provide professional services and handle all necessary formalities, including UDT and TDT exams. Our courses blend traditional methods with VR simulation technology, enhancing the learning experience and skill development. Additionally, we offer our students job opportunities within Poland and abroad.
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