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Offshore Wind – Crew Transfer Vessel

Welcome to the Future of Maritime Training

In coming years Offshore Wind industry will require constant inflow of qualified crews to develop and service wind farms.
We combined real-life experience of CTV Masters and offshore workers with our expertise in VR simulator-based training, to present you with new offer dedicated to Offshore Wind Industry: Crew Transfer Vessel Master, Floating Crane and more.
Register now for CTV Master Training!Two dates are available: March 4-6 and March 13-15, 2024.
office@cnkom.pl+48 570 180 220

Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) Master

CTV Master Training
Our pioneer simulator training provides an immersive and realistic experience of navigating Crew Transfer Vessel. Realism is the key - combination of Virtual Reality with 3DOF motion platform provides a feeling of full immersion into the experience, which cannot be achieved with screen- based simulators. You don't just watch it, you feel it!
Our CTV Master program prepares for all weather and marine conditions and various scenarios without any risk for participants. It's the best way for expert practical training in a safe, cost- efficient and sustainable manner.

Best Training Platform for Offshore Wind

Our simulator-based training platform allows us to facilitate a wide array of simulations for various types of equipment. So far, we have prepared 17 training sessions that replicate the real-world usage of port vehicles, machinery and vessels.
We are committed to expand our simulation offerings, responding to the growing needs of the Offshore Wind and Maritime Industry. At the client's request, CNK can create new simulations for other machines and vessels. We can also modify existing simulations according to individual requirements by adding new scenarios, adapting the technical specifications of the unit or recreate a specific port or wind farm relevant for the client's operations.

Why CTV Master Training with CNK?

Wind Farm Developers

Upgrade employee Safety

Eliminate “learning on the job” and replace it with crews that are trained in advance for various scenarios and conditions.

Minimize Risks

Reduce probability of costly incidents caused by human factor.

Maximise Efficiency

Ensure seamless operation enabled by properly trained crews and reduce overall cost of maintenance.

 Maritime Training Centers and Academies

Gain Competitive Edge

Offer cutting-edge training methods such as immersive VR simulation.

Increase Employment Opportunities

Prepare your students for the dynamically changing job market, equipping them with skills for new sectors.

Expand Your Offer

Our simulator platform allows to provide training for multiple port and maritime machinery including CTV, Deck/Floating Crane, STS, Mobile Crane, RTG and more.


Gain Expert Skills

Acquire expert knowledge and skills to unlock new employment opportunities.

Safety First

Learn the latest safety protocols and train your skills in various scenarios and marine conditions.

Tailored Learning

Embrace self-paced learning, adjusted to individual needs by seasoned trainers.
For more information - please contact us:
office@cnkom.pl+48 570 180 220
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